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August 28, 2018

An 11-month-old boy suffered a stroke after contracting chickenpox, which he likely got from his older siblings, according to a new report. The boy had not been immunized, and the case is shining a light on the importance of vaccination. The unnamed boy suffered the chickenpox-related stroke after likely contracting the infection from his older siblings who had the illness about two months earlier, according to a report published in the Journal of Pediatrics. The boy’s mother took him to a local hospital after noticing his right arm and leg seemed weak when she woke him from his afternoon nap, according to the journal. Doctors came to find that the boy had suffered a brain stroke, and was given several medications. Although the boy survived, Dr. Tina Tan, chairwoman of the section on infectious diseases for the American Academy of Pediatrics, told Today that the boy will likely have permanent damage as a result of the incident. “It is possible that he might have another stroke if his arterial disease continues to worsen,” Tan added. Tan told the site that people often regard chickenpox as a minor illness, when it can cause “serious complications.” There have been several chickenpox cases in recent months, as a result o

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July 17, 2018

The niche for an “Urgent Care” is to provide immediate medical assistance to cases that require attention but are not serious enough to make an emergency room visit compulsory. At Xpress Urgent Care, we are committed to giving our patients quality medical attention at the most competitive prices in South Florida. We have been serving South Florida patients for over a decade, providing primary and urgent care services for conditions such as burns, abdominal pain, allergic reactions and all medical issues in between. Our offices are comfortable and conveniently located. Using the latest in modern equipment, our experienced team from the front desk to our doctors deliver a standard of service that our patients greatly appreciate. The emphasis we put on caring for patients and valuing their time is so much better when compared to other urgent cares and emergency rooms. Recently we also conducted a cost comparison where we evaluated our self paying service fee of $100 versus our competitors. It turns out we are also the least expense of all urgent cares in South Florida for self paying customers, significantly lower than our competitors, who in some cases charge as much as $160 for the same fee! Additionally, for non self pay custome

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